NEW Bamboo
Don't Wait-Meditate T-shirts

These tshirts are made from Bamboo.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource, which thrives naturally without pesticides and is 100% bio-degradable. Naturally anti-bacterial because of its bio-agent "bamboo kun", that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. It has unusual breathing ability, because of its hollow fiber which keeps you cool, comfortable and will never cling to your skin. It doesn't retain odors either due to its moisture ventilation properties. Its uncommon softness gives it a silky feel that you will love.

Once you wear Bamboo you won't want to wear anything else!

Don't Wait- Meditate™

Take the Meditation Challenge

Wear this tshirt and BE A PART of helping 100,000 people develop the habit of meditation.

Please note that we only have BROWN shirts with the Peach/Creme text.

(I have only a couple of small BLACK tshirts with the Peace/Creme text).

When ordering, please let me know your normal size. This batch of tshirts runs large.
For example, I normally wear a large, but am wearing a medium in the picture above.

Bamboo tshirt only $22.00 plus S&H


Organic Men's Fitted T-shirt

This is an organic men's fitted tshirt.


Don't Wait-Meditate

No back text.

Here is the chart size. Note: these tshirts run smaller than normal as they are fitted.

Chest Size Shirt Size
36" Small
40" Medium
44" Large
48" X Large
52" 2XL




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Organic tshirt S-XL $18.00

Organic tshirt 2-XL $20.00




"The Meditation Circle has changed my life in the way I can Be. Instead of reacting in a negative way as I did before, I now accept what shows up. I am calmer, and happy."

Lori H. - Pennsylvania

"The 21 day meditation circle has helped me to make a commitment to meditate daily, which I hadn't been able to do on my own. It has been a special knowing I am meditating in community even though I am on my own at home. Lisa is a gentle cheerful leader!"

-Susan W., Canada

"I continue to use the 'I am' technique; I enter the space when I first wake, I look forward to it again at the end of my day before I sleep; during the day I am using it out in the world even driving!"

-Sunny, Australia

"Opening my eyes during meditation was a totally new experience and felt awesome, and I felt fully alive, and I experienced life for the first time living from the inside - out, instead of vice-versa."

- Joe B. California

"What has surprised me is how powerful this is, something I wasn't expecting....although quite alone in my home I feel quite connected to the others who are in this Meditation Circle. And it goes without so convenient!"

-Karen H, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Well, now I live in a meditative state most of the time and keep reminding myself of my true nature and gift. I try to surrender myself to the higher Self and strive for all my thoughts, words and feelings to emerge from that loving place within me."

-Zarina, California

"Through this meditation circle I have found out how to connect with my body in a way that is both absolutely physical and absolutely spiritual. I feel this deep sense of aliveness that I can reconnect with instantly any time I choose, in any situation. In that moment, I feel at one with myself, in touch with my higher Self, and immediately connected to everything around me."

-Nancy G., California

"I felt a difference around day 5 or 6. That peacefulness has continued. I meditate every morning before I start the day. Things seem to go better or I just handle them better."

-Peggy, Arizona

"I was a bit reluctant at first, but I have noticed that this is a great way to maintain the conscious connection between my internal self and my external world."

-Jennifer S., New York

"I am especially pleased to have learned the open-eyed meditation, which will help me to cultivate the practice of meditation/mindfulness during my daily activities. Meditating has become a daily habit that I really enjoy and look forward to as a way to tune in to the peaceful, ever-present truth within my being."

-Raechel, California

"Once I realize that my mind is running wild, I can see it for what it is and can slow my mind and myself down. Blissful can only give an idea of the feeling that follows."

- Margo Purcell
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Now, thanks to Lisa and her meditation circle, I can enjoy the benefits of daily meditation, including feeling more calm and grounded as I go about my day. Thanks Lisa!"

-Hilary G.

"Practicing feeling the "aliveness" in my body and meditating with my eyes open has made it easy to meditate anywhere anytime. Thanks, Lisa - what a gift."

Atlanta, GA