Forget sitting in an uncomfortable position, eyes closed for hours on end repeating a mantra you can't even pronounce!

Have your life BE a Meditation:

With LIVE Meditation Instruction for 21 Days
from the comfort of your own home!

Experience the benefits of meditation
(inner peace, calmness, stress reduction, relaxation, focus, increased health, sense of connection, clarity, balance, wisdom, joy and harmony) in only 15 minutes a day for 21 days from your home!

Plus receive a lifetime of support in maintaining the "habit" of meditation!


Most everyone is aware of the benefits of meditation, yet few people actually have a regular meditation practice!

And out of the few that actually have a regular meditation practice, most of them don't feel that there life is a meditation!

Why are most people aware of the benefits of meditation, yet don't have a regular practice?

The biggest obstacles to developing a regular meditation practice and how to overcome them!

According to an international survey of 400 participants from 45 different countries, the biggest obstacles to developing a regular meditation practice are:

* Lack of self-discipline
* Having the right place to meditate
* Falling Asleep
* Having too many distractions
* And not knowing HOW to meditate

This 21 day live meditation instruction progam is the FIRST and ONLY meditation program of it's kind that offers solutions to overcoming ALL of the obstacles above!

This 21 day program succeeds where other meditation classes, books and CD's have failed!

Why? For many reasons listed below:

* The program only takes 15 minutes a day!
* The program provides accountability and support for 21 days !
* The program offers a LIFETIME of support after the 21 days!
* The 21 day program can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.
* With live meditation instruction in a group setting you're less likely to fall asleep
* The 21 day program teaches you how to incorporate distractions into your meditation
* The program via teleconference eliminates judgment and provides anonimity
* The 21 day program provides you with a myriad of meditation techniques that are simple and fun!
* The 21 day program helps you learn to meditate any time, any place and under ANY circumstance!
* The 21 day program helps your life BE a meditation! So not only do you develop a regular meditation practice, but you find yourself meditating while waiting, doing daily activities and even driving!

Develop the habit of meditation in only 15 minutes a day!

It's a common misconception that you have to meditate for hours in order to experience the benefits of meditation.

Just 15 minutes a day will have positive effects in your life and your relationships!

The 21 day LIVE program offers accountability and support

You will have a live meditation facilitator there with you for 21 days in a row (and beyond!).

Knowing someone is there for you every step of the way, provides you the incentive you need to show up for the process!

It's like having your personal meditation "coach!"

The 21 day program from the comfort of your own home!

Forget commuting to a meditation class or retreat when you can experience live instruction from the comfort of your own home or office via telephone.

Even if you're traveling, you can particpate in the meditations!

And meditation over the phone is great because you don't have to worry about who's looking at you, what you're wearing or anything else. You can fully relax into the process without any judgements about yourself or worrying about judgments from anyone else!

And it provides anonimity while still giving you intimate support!


Forget falling asleep...


With the group environment and live facilitations, you don't have to worry about falling asleep!

And with the techniques you are introduced to, you'll find it even hard to fall asleep because you feel so alive inside. Meditating is a joyous, blissful process!


Distractions won't be distractions

With this 21 day program, you'll discover that distractions don't have to be distractions. You'll learn how to incorporate distractions in to your meditation.

You'll discover that petting your cat can be a meditation as well as emptying the dishwasher!

You'll be able to meditate any time, any place and under any circumstance!


Forget locking yourself in a room for hours in an uncomfortable position repeating a mantra you can't even pronounce!

Meditation isn't about locking yourself in a room in an uncomfortable position saying a mantra you can't even pronounce.

This 21 day program is about finding what works for you! Through the 21 day program you learn to incorporate meditation into your daily life so that your LIFE BECOMES A MEDITATION!

Through this 21 day program you realize that daily activities can become chances to meditate. Petting the cat is a meditation. Waiting time can be converted into meditating time!


You'll see how easy and fun meditation is!

Most of us you'll see how easy and FUN meditation is! And you'll learn how to have meditation BE a part of your life.

You'll truly live from the inside out and experience joy and peace!


CLICK BELOW to listen to a two minute medley of testimonials of previous participants

To listen press the buttons twice, once to activate the controls and again to PLAY.

Each circle is limited to only 10 people so that YOU will receive individual support.

You'll have your questions answered. (Again, it's like having your own meditation coach for 21 days and beyond!)

Plus, you'll be able to benefit from the questions and discussions of the group!


Plus, when you sign up for the 21 day program you also receive transformational bonus items to support you in maintaining the habit of meditation.


In addition to the 21 days of live meditation instruction, here are the BONUS items you will receive:


* Lifetime support through our meditation discussion boards where I will personally answer any questions. And where you can keep in touch with fellow participants. (And even offer support to new participants).
* A LIFETIME PASS to participate in ANY live meditation circle in the future! (As long as the meditation circles are running, you can take advantage of this opportunity).
* Monthly "booster" meditations. Currently, we have Meditation Mondays where you may call during a specific time and we'll meditate together.
* A meditation partner. You will be assigned a meditation partner from the group. This will be your meditation partner for life!
* A 5 minute Tibetan Bell Meditation in downloadable mp3
* A downloadable meditation timer/ mindfulness clock for your computer
* FOUR -15 minute downloadable mp3's (audio files) of the main meditation techniques explored during the 21 day program
* A FREE 14 page e-book titled "Meditation: The Key to Lifelong Inner Peace" by Lisa Hepner
* After participating in a meditation circle, you'll be offered the opportunity to explore advanced training to BE a meditation facilitator and support others to develop the habit of meditation.


The habit of meditation is honestly the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.


In a nutshell, here's why:


Your life circumstances will ALWAYS CHANGE--GUARANTEED.

At the level of form, there will be highs/lows, ups/downs and good/bad...


Yet there is ALWAYS a perfect place of peace within you.

You can experience peace regardless of what's going on externally, and MEDITATION is the key.


Yes, I'm ready, but how much does the 21 day LIVE meditation instruction cost?


The more appropriate question would be what does it cost NOT to develop the habit of meditation?


If you check out one of the popular meditation programs you'll find out that it costs $2,500 for the meditation instruction! Whereas, other meditation retreats cost $1,000 or more, PLUS travel and food expenses.


I wanted to make this meditation program FINANCIALLY ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, so I am offering it, for a limited time for a "name your price!"

That means you decide what you pay!

Most of us pay $50 or more per hour for health professionals or coaches, and yet this is one of the greatest tools you could develop to experience inner peace and health!

First let me say that I believe that no one should have to pay to learn to meditate!

That's why I offer the techniques we use in the 21 day program to everyone for FREE once you sign the Don't Wait-Meditate pledge.

Yet, even knowing these techniques, most people won't develop a regular meditation practice.

Why? Because most of us lack self-discipline.

I knew all the techniques and had taken the classes and read the books, yet I wasn't able to put it into practice until I had that 21 day support!

That's why this 21 day program works! It holds you accountable!

What you are really "paying" for is the LIVE accountability, instruction and support. Your paying for someone to be your personal meditation coach for 21 days and beyond!

Remember, you receive a LIFETIME of support maintaining the habit of meditation!

The meditation circles were originally priced at $197. But you can "name your price!"



How does the 21 day program work?

Basically, once the dates and times for the 21 day circle are determined (and they work for you), you'll receive a conference number to call every day for 21 days (except on Sat and Sun where you will be assigned a meditation and a partner to connect with. This will be your life meditation partner so it's good to start connecting during the 21 days!).

A live meditation facilitator will be on the call with you, facilitating a 15 minute meditation. The facilitator will be available to answer any questions after the meditation or provide any additional support or suggestions.

You'll also benefit from the questions/comments from the group!

You can receive FREE training to help others develop the habit of meditation!

Once you participate in the 21 day live meditation program, you can receive FREE training to help others develop the habit of meditation by being a meditation facilitator and earn money in the process!

Again, this is training is absolutely FREE and gives you the chance to support others and make money in the process. (I may only be able to offer the free training for a limited time so you'll want to sign up for a 21 day circle now...)

You can BE a part of the goal to help 100,000 people develop the habit of meditation!

(If you've been looking for a way to help people transform their lives and earn money in the process this is an excellent way to do that...!)

Here are some other benefits of having your life BE a meditation!

You become the observer of thoughts instead of the reactor.

With regular meditation, you become the observer of thoughts instead of the reactor. You don't have to get drawn in to the drama of the thoughts or the situation.

This is true freedom!

You can experience peace regardless of what is going on externally!

You experience increased joy in your life

The biggest benefit for me has been experiencing immense joy in my life!

Meditating is such a blissful, joyous process!

Enhanced Creativity

Meditation increases creativity and focus. Practicing meditation allow LIFE to flow through you.

Things that were difficult seem easy. Ideas and new solutions reveal themselves!

Harmonious, Loving Relationships

With regular meditation, relationships become harmonious. You don't have to react to someone's judgment, guilt or blame.

Less Stress!

Meditation decreases stress. Things that used to bother you, don't seem to bother you anymore.

You learn how to meditate while driving. So commute times aren't stressful anymore!

And these are only a handful of benefits that I and other participants of the 21 day meditation circles have experienced!

Are you ready to experience less drama, less stress, more peace and joy, enhanced creativity, harmonious relationships in only 15 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home or office? Are you ready to have your life BE a meditation?


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P.S. If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, read the FAQ's page at the link above!

P.P.S I have created two other ways for you to participate in the meditation challenge!

Audio and Ebook for only $19.00

This is a one hour audio and a 17 page ebook detailing the 21 day meditation program so that you can do it on your own!

"The Meditation Circle has changed my life in the way I can Be. Instead of reacting in a negative way as I did before, I now accept what shows up. I am calmer, and happy."

Lori H. - Pennsylvania

"The 21 day meditation circle has helped me to make a commitment to meditate daily, which I hadn't been able to do on my own. It has been a special knowing I am meditating in community even though I am on my own at home. Lisa is a gentle cheerful leader!"

-Susan W., Canada

"I continue to use the 'I am' technique; I enter the space when I first wake, I look forward to it again at the end of my day before I sleep; during the day I am using it out in the world even driving!"

-Sunny, Australia

"Opening my eyes during meditation was a totally new experience and felt awesome, and I felt fully alive, and I experienced life for the first time living from the inside - out, instead of vice-versa."

- Joe B. California

"What has surprised me is how powerful this is, something I wasn't expecting....although quite alone in my home I feel quite connected to the others who are in this Meditation Circle. And it goes without so convenient!"

-Karen H, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Well, now I live in a meditative state most of the time and keep reminding myself of my true nature and gift. I try to surrender myself to the higher Self and strive for all my thoughts, words and feelings to emerge from that loving place within me."

-Zarina, California

"Through this meditation circle I have found out how to connect with my body in a way that is both absolutely physical and absolutely spiritual. I feel this deep sense of aliveness that I can reconnect with instantly any time I choose, in any situation. In that moment, I feel at one with myself, in touch with my higher Self, and immediately connected to everything around me."

-Nancy G., California

"I felt a difference around day 5 or 6. That peacefulness has continued. I meditate every morning before I start the day. Things seem to go better or I just handle them better."

-Peggy, Arizona

"I was a bit reluctant at first, but I have noticed that this is a great way to maintain the conscious connection between my internal self and my external world."

-Jennifer S., New York

"I am especially pleased to have learned the open-eyed meditation, which will help me to cultivate the practice of meditation/mindfulness during my daily activities. Meditating has become a daily habit that I really enjoy and look forward to as a way to tune in to the peaceful, ever-present truth within my being."

-Raechel, California

"Once I realize that my mind is running wild, I can see it for what it is and can slow my mind and myself down. Blissful can only give an idea of the feeling that follows."

- Margo Purcell
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Now, thanks to Lisa and her meditation circle, I can enjoy the benefits of daily meditation, including feeling more calm and grounded as I go about my day. Thanks Lisa!"

-Hilary G.

"Practicing feeling the "aliveness" in my body and meditating with my eyes open has made it easy to meditate anywhere anytime. Thanks, Lisa - what a gift."

Atlanta, GA